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Cell Phone Repair Tools & Equipment

Tools, Tools, Tools! There is nothing more important than working on equipment than doing it with top quality tools. With over 15 years of experience in repairing cellular phones our trainers rely heavily on the best tools & equipment available.

“We train our students with the best brand named equipment on the market, and once they are certified, we recommend that they continue to use the same brand. Why? There are a lot of brands on the market but all the experts who train choose the best brand to work with. The precision and quality in which they are made gives repair techs, trainers, and students an advantage when repairing. Whether it’s soldering parts, screwing components, or snapping in equipment, is your one stop shop that carries top of the line products and variety of large selection of screwsdrivers, hot air rework station, opening tools and more for all brands and models.

“We are aware that the tools & equipment are the essential part in repairing cellular phones” and that is why there is no reason to decide on what type or brand of tools to order. I break it, You fix it has taken the guess work out.

So when ordering your tools & equipment do so with confidence in knowing that the brand you receive has been tried and tested amongst all the other brands on the market.

For any questions regarding tools, equipment or tracking information, please call (702)545-6745.

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